Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Custom Home

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Building a custom home is an exciting undertaking that presents you with the chance to create a tailor-made space fit for your lifestyle and aesthetic. Before diving into your custom home journey, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to set your project up for success.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Custom Home

Here are three questions to ask yourself before breaking ground on your custom home:

  1. What are my top priorities? Custom homes come with the advantage of being specific to you, so it’s important to jump on this opportunity by choosing your goals and must-haves. These are foundational decisions that will help guide you in selecting the right general contractor for your needs. By identifying your priorities, you can more easily find a contractor who specializes in those areas, better guaranteeing that your vision will be fulfilled.
  2. What are my space and design needs? Consider factors like the size of your family, the types of spaces you’ll utilize the most, architectural features you want, and amount of space you’ll need to accommodate your lifestyle needs.
  3. What is my budget? The cost of custom homes varies greatly based on the materials used, size, design complexity, and location. You’ll want to determine the amount of money you’re comfortable dedicating toward this project and discuss this with your general contractor to ensure your expectations can be met.

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