Four Unique Room Features That Can Be Incorporated in Custom-Built Homes

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Four Unique Room Features That Can Be Incorporated in Custom-Built HomesCustom-built homes provide endless options for creating exceptional living spaces. However, deciding which features to invest in is often challenging. If you’re looking for unique rooms that will add pizzazz to your home, here are four unique additions that will make any new construction feel anything but ordinary.

  1. Two-Story Foyers. Expansive two-story foyers instantly make entryways or living rooms feel grander. Tall walls can host stunning focal points like chandeliers or large art pieces. Alternatively, charming staircases add visual interest to these enlarged spaces. The soaring ceilings also draw eyes up, creating a sense of elegance in what would otherwise be underutilized vertical spaces.
  2. Mudrooms. Mudrooms are great places to clear clutter from other rooms in custom-built homes. Muddy shoes, pet leashes and collars, umbrellas, and other distracting elements can be neatly kept away here. Mudrooms are typically located at entryways or near laundry rooms and take up minimal space in floor plans.
  3. Walk-in Pantries. These spaces serve as extra kitchen storage in custom-built homes. They are convenient and keep kitchens organized. Furthermore, pantries relieve pressure on kitchen cabinets by storing away items that aren’t used as frequently, like blenders.
  4. Outdoor Living Spaces. The favorable Florida climate means outdoor living spaces are often usable year-round. When incorporated into custom-built homes, they provide great spaces for hosting and taking in therapeutic views of the outdoors. Even better, these spaces have multiple design options, from outdoor kitchens to porches and decks.

Whichever room feature you’re planning, our team at DC1 Homes is here to help you actualize it. We have over 40 years of experience constructing custom-built homes for discerning homeowners across the Clermont, Florida area. Get in touch with us today to get started.