What is the Role of a General Contractor?

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Building a home can easily become a complex endeavor. It involves overseeing a lot of tasks. The person who oversees all of the tasks, maintains the project’s schedule, and manages the budget is a general contractor. The general contractor also works as a liaison between the owner or client and all other entities. As such, their role extends from the beginning of a project until the end.

What is the Role of a General Contractor?

At the beginning of construction, general contractors are responsible for working with the client to create a construction budget and collaborate with a designer or architect to finalize blueprints. Once those tasks are complete, they can begin to employ subcontractors for specialized tasks, such as masonry, plumbing, or electricity.

Throughout construction, a general contractor will coordinate the schedules of subcontractors in order to keep the project on schedule. They will also be responsible for ordering supplies and making payments from vendors to ensure products arrive on time. General contractors are also familiar with applying for permits, waivers, and inspections. There are many moving parts during construction, and it is the general contractor’s role to make sure everyone is working together and manage any challenges that come up.

After construction is over, a general contractor ensures the budget is complete by finishing payments for supplies and subcontractors. If there are any financial problems, it is their role to work out payments. They also confirm that work is done to the specifications of the client and building codes.

The role of a general contractor is essential and vital to the success of a project. Without their help, clients would have to take on the heavy burden of all that a contractor manages.