New Construction Homes: An Inside Look at Some of the Freshest Design Trends

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Nowadays, new construction homes are anything but cookie-cutter. Homeowners’ wish lists keep getting longer, with an increased tendency towards maximum sustainability, functionality, and comfort.

New Construction Homes: An Inside Look at Some of the Freshest Design Trends

Given these demands, here are some of the hottest design trends that new home builders strive to implement in new construction homes:

  • Outdoor Living. Gone are the days when a backyard patio or deck was merely an afterthought addition to a home. Outdoor living spaces have become extensions of indoor areas in new construction homes, fitted with cozy chairs, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and other elements to maximize comfort and functionality.
  • Smart Homes. As many as two-thirds of American homeowners eye some sort of smart home feature for their new construction homes. Installations like programmable thermostats and smart appliances simplify everyday life, making them must-haves for these modern homes.
  • Arches and Curves. Additionally, curves and arches are making a comeback after years of straight lines dominating home design. These elements, from arched windows and staircases to curved walls, introduce a softer element to home interiors and exteriors.
  • Open-Concept Floor Plans. Open-concept floor plans are another top trend that eliminates walls between common living spaces like kitchens and living rooms. This enhances socialization and family interaction. Two-story living rooms/foyers, in particular, deliver an airy, expansive feel that today’s homeowners covet.
  • Green Homes. New home constructions are also going green, as more homeowners have become more environmentally conscious. Many are choosing sustainably sourced materials like engineered wood and recycled steel to reduce their carbon footprint. Installations of solar panels and high-performance windows also help make energy consumption greener in these new homes.

While new construction trends come and go, focusing on lifestyle-enhancing features is a timeless desire. Regardless, our team here at DC1 Homes is dedicated to making your trendy custom home design ideas a lasting dream come true. Get in touch with us today.